Its Official!!

                               Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good night everyone! 
Yeah I know its already late 11.28 pm right now but I'm gonna have to right in this blog someday right?And that day is today. Anyway, some of you have been begging me to update this blog. Its been ages since I updated a post on my last blog Sweetapple 101? Ring a bell yet?? Or have you guys already forgotten. If you have it means you are getting way old. Haha. Just joking. Anyway its almost the end of 2012. And my End-of-year test is just around the corner. But I'm not freaking out alright. I think I can my focus to study later. Insyaallah! Pray for me =) Well you know what? Its almost my curfew or in other words BEDTIME and its taken ages to download all these videos from YT( Youtube). Its actually for our group assignment to present at school, like this wednesday. Argh! And its still undone. Actually its not even started yet. Help meee...Even though its a group assignment we(me and Alia) had both agreed for me to do it cuz I'm like more wicked in this ICT things. Another great yet shabby news is that I won a scrapbook contest! Yay. Got a hamper and had been divided into 3. Again. We did it as a group work by me, Syifaa' and Alia. Wow! Im getting really sleepy. Not! But I am tired though. Ok bye. Write to you later. Seeya! B)

                                             Aww! Isn't it cute. I love pandas :D