(This pic has nothing to do with anything) 
Hi blog, readers, people of the earth. Missed you guys. Alhamdulilah it's finally semester break. I'm soo tired. I've just finished taking my mid-year exam and as you all know I'll be sitting for my PMR which is just around the corner and I'm freaking out! Seriously, freaking out! Its been an emotional week for everyone. I think the past two weeks I've turned to be a bookworm cuz of all that reading and memorizing. But I guess its for a good whatever -,- 
Anyways, where are you going for the holidays? Me. I really don't yet but I hope I do go somewhere. It would soo boring if I just stayed home staring at this thing(lappy) all day hee. Mom said Dad have classes to teach and I still have  extra classes to attend for the first week soo all I could is just pray right now! I mean we don't have to go far, Penang sounds great. Well I don't care where we go, I just really wanna have quick getaway to release all this stress. Hey! I didn't say being a PMR student was easy.
There's a lot of pressure kay. Well that's it I guess. Bye! 
PS: #To geng Ferrari: I'm reeeaally sorry about yesterday. I really didn't mean for that to happen. I was gonna tell you guys but my mom didn't reply my message so I was unsure whether I was gonna come home with you guys or my parents. When G-ha send me that message, my dad had just called. I'm sorry, I really am :'(