Day 5: Addmaths for a day at IAB


Assalamualaikum and harlu
I had the whole day at IAB three days ago.  And what did I do there,  I had an addmaths workshop again for the 2nd time this week. Any ways Im gonna tell you from the start.  I arrived there pretty early at around 8 ish I think haha I can't remember and the first thing on my mind was "omaigod Im soo late,  there isn't any cars in the driveway. Everybody is probably getting on with the lesson already". But then,  after I got settled with registration, I found out that I wasn't late and most of the students hadn't arrived yet.  Haha then we had time to chat before the class really started.  We were waiting for the SMC students.

Mr. Zainol or what we like to call him Cg non taught us the topics from form four for the first session.  I dunno how he does it but I can only understand addmaths because of him hahahaha.  Like the teacher from school is ok but its totally a whole different level with Cg Non. He has a way of making things seems a much more easier way. That's why I love him so much.  We answered some questions too.  We all had this module we were given and he just took it from there.

Then,  we had brunch. I sat with the ferrari geng (Afiqah, Ain,  Shahira, Arrisa)  and my other friends which were Fizah,  Nasuha and Izzatun aka eton la.  After that we did the same thing foe the second session. Biy how time flies,  it was already noon and we had another break for zohor prayers and well mainly lunch.  We had this amazing chicken rice. It came with this delicious black pepper sauce which didn't last long cuz everybody loves it.  Then,  I had the chance to take some pics with arrisa and fizah before the third session started.

Then for the third lesson we started doing questions from paper 2. You know the usual,  linear law and whatnot.  Haha I just hate finishing the equations. I mean I enjoy doing the graf part but when it comes to answering equations especially if it in in logarithm then I hate it.  Hahaha just don't ask me to answer that. Please.

Then after that,  we had another break which was teatime and for asar prayers. We just took selfies this time. Hahaha its kinda funny cuz I wanted to take a group selfie ir a wefie as my dad calls it -,- but everyone was to shy to even look at the camera. It was probably bcuz all the boys was staring but who cares. Well at least I didn't. Then we also did the same for the last session. I was dying to go home haha. My brain was officially saturated as eton would say.

When it was home time my dad picked me up late as usual.  I sent eton home too. Haha at last I knew where she lives.  Ok I know this sounds lame cuz we've been friends for along time but haha I never been to that side of jitra yet.

Well,  that was kinda it. Even tho I was dead tired but u know it was helpful for my spm so i should just shut up and not complain.  Hahaha ok bye.

Day 4: English and Spring cleaning

Assalamualaikum and hi there
So today I had an english workshop, we were given a brief explanation about how the marks were given to the students in exams. I wasn't to keen ont that because it made me think of SPM which I am soo not ready yet. Afterwards we had to complete some sentences from the three words had to choose from the worksheets we got. Then the teacher called Melissa, my bff or as I would call her Mel to read out the sentences she made. She did a brilliant job. She made the sentences like a lil story and it was all about vampire and werewolves. Pssst...Someone's been reading a lot of twilight hiks >.< Then, the teachers announced that they wanted to call out another person to the front. I was praying so hard that I wasn't picked out cuz I haven't even finished making my sentences haha. All of the sudden, "Nurul Najihah" I was having a mini heart attack already, "..Bt Khairul Najmy, please come to the front" Omaigod, whyy whyy meee! I left the last sentence unfinished and brace myself to the front. All eyes on me, my heart beating so fast as I walked slowly to the front of the hall.

At first, my heart couldn't stop beating, then I convinced myselt to stay put. I was a nervous wreck. I mean I'm used to acting because they were so many of us. But this is different, I was on my on. FInally, I spoke haha but it was kinda awkward. There was a lot of aaa and emm. After I read my sentences, Teacher Zurina corrected my mistakes and Teacher Rozita handed me RM1 as the prize. Haha I gave a smile and said thanks, then I went back to my seat. We were given out another task afterwards. This time, Shahira, Najwa, Aiman and Ammar were called out. We had to make some changes on this essay from the worksheet, so they had to tell everyone what changes they made. Ammar's was the funniest of course cuz he just winged it out. Eventhough most of it is nonsense but at least everyone had a good laugh.

When the workshop finished we went for bruch. I was starving like usual haha. At around 11 we went back to school to get some spring cleaning for our class, because 4EM didn't have any other additional class after that. Almost everyone came to help out. Thanks guys! Honestly we all did a great job. I put up some decorations, while some swept the floor, dusted the windows and cleaned everything else. Intan and Faris decorated the boards. Alip and Shamirul put up the curtains. Azzrin helped me cleaned the windows afterwards. While Dayini, Aida and Danie went to buy some stuff for the class. The spring cleaning lasted for about 4 hours! Phew, it was very tiring but it left out amazing results! I was so happy, I couldn't stop helping. Our class looked so good XD

Later, I went to stay at Anis's cuz my parents couldn't pick me up yet. We had some girl time and we also finished doing the script for our oral next week. I'm quite nervous for that too! Haha I hope that that Teacher Rozita and the class likes our oral. We are doing the oral as a group. There's me, Anis, Izzatun (eton) and Intan. Just like last year, we also did the oral as a group. Haha its kinada funny, cuz it turned out to be like a musical. But this year, were doing it differently.

Well, I have to complete my homework now. See ya later :)
Till then,

Day 3: Addmath horror

Assalamualaikum and hey there everyone
Sorry I didn't updated anything yesterday but I was too tired haha. So I slept early. This holiday has definitely been an odd one. Why? Because usually if I was on break I would sleep like really late. Haha the later the better *insert thumbs up emoticon* Ok so thats not a good example to the kids. But this time, I would sleep right after isyak or around 10-11 ish and that is earlier than my school nights where I sleep till 2am finishing homework lewls.

Ouh yes, addmath. Sweet sweet addmath. Yesterday we had another workshop and it was all about my favourite subject *coughs* sarcasm *coughs. Yeah, and everyone was divided into groups. Of course I was with my gurlss. Everyone had to complete this module we got from last year. Let me tell you one thing, it is thick as hell!!! And as a perfect student, I have not finished any sets in that book. Haha I just did random questions and some them I only did have way. How good am I? Obviously not. Just like my grades -..- pffft.

Then, the teachers picked out random students from the crowd to show their workout at the front of the hall. I am soo glad I wasn't picked out. I suck at addmath or math. Just anything to do with numbers really. Im more attracted to words you see. Haha literature is my fav eventho my spellings are kinda bad hahaha.

Then, after the workshop I went to my grandma's house. She is so busy with weddings espicially during the holidays. Its non stop for her. That's why we ate kenduri food she got back from the wedding lol. It kinda got really slow after that. I was pretty much lying on the bed and I took a nap. I didn't even touch my homework I brought from home. It was one of those times where you just want to chill and relax and not think of anything. Haha but the bad thing is this happens everyday to me! When will I finally start to do my homework here.

Well I gtg. I will give you the update about today's activity tomorrow morning insyaAllah.
Till then, bye bye :)

Day 2: Biology and physics classes

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Assalamualaikum and hi guys :)
Today I had one session of biology class and one session of physics class. It was fun actually haha except for the homework we got afterwards -,- So that's another homework added to my mountain size list of homework for this semester break. Anywho, for biology we just learned the new chapter which was all about bones! I've been waiting for this topic since I was around eight because I got obsessed with one of the songs from Hannah Montana! Can't wait to use that song to answer the questions later. Then,we had a look of the bones from the fake ones the teacher gave us. I didn't take any pictures cuz we weren't aloud to do that. We had to memorize and recognize a LOT of bones haha. No wonder miley created that song. But thanks to her I'll be able to memorize some easily. You see, that's why most of the students find it really hard to get an A/A+ for biology because there is so much to read and memorize. Haha so most of the students end up getting C/B instead.

Then, for physics we did this group work to create mind maps for the new chapter we learned too! Honestly, today has been the best physics lesson in the history of physics lessons for me. Usually physics class is the most boring class of all. Haha I'd rather read a whole chapter of history than going to class. Its that bad. I was teamed up with Anis Suraya, Meon and Faris. At first, we had some difficulties in deciding what our main structure of our mind map but in the end we managed to do a very good job. Well done to us! Haha. All the other groups did a good job too. Haha I can't stop laughing at Anis because she had this weird attitude today and she kept on screaming and whining at whoever distracted her haha. I have to say she was the loudest one there hahaha. After we all had finished we had to stick our mind maps at the back of the lab. The wall turned out really great. Then we went home.

But, I didn't.

Haha it wasn't because my parents didn't pick me up or anything but beacause we were supposed to go out today. My parents was really late and I end up sleeping at the front gate. Pretty exhausting day I must say. I decided to go to the mini stadium after waiting for another half hour cuz I wasn't comfortable to keep on sleeping there and because the mini stadium had wifi. At least I did have something to distract me or else I would be bored to death. Obviously, I was the only one there cuz all of my friends had gone home wayy earlier huhu. Sad life huh? Finally after 1 and a half hour my parents came. Thank God!!! I literally ran to the car haha. Then we went shopping and I arrived home at about 6 ish like that. Eventho, it was a tiring day but I did enjoy myself. At least, it did make me feel like I was actually on holiday despite going to school everyday =="

Well till then, byee

Day 1: Chemistry Workshop

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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone
So today I had my first program at school and yas it was all about chemistry. Nothing interesting really haha but alhamdulilah I did gain some knowledge but I still have a long way to go to achieve A+. I mean I haven't even touched an A before for Chemistry let alone A+. Its gonna take some hard work fuh and we haven't even talked about the other subjects like biology, physics and lets not forget my favourite subject of all addmaths! Can you sense my sarcasm, well I hope you do.

Before the program started, the teacher gave us some worksheets to do. I did them, but only the ones I'm sure of haha. And let me tell you it wasn't a lot that I'm sure of haha lol. It was all paper 2 so we are talking about essays and structured questions here haha. Of course it was exhausting pouring out the juices of my brain to answer them but I did my best hoho.We checked the answers during the program after she gave us some tips on how to answer paper 2. When I meant she, I meant Teacher Aisyah haha.

A lil intro about Teacher Aisyah. First of all, she is very very well known for her title as a GCSE chemistry teacher. She has the highest title among all the teachers in my school and has even out beaten our school principal. Next, she is also known for her strictness in class. Tbh I was terrified to go to school today because I was afraid that she's gonna call me out to answer the questions for the worksheet (cuz she had this habit of calling people out to the front to answer questions) but apparently the only time she gets mad is when students come late to her class, not paying attention and not completing her work, other than that she's pretty cool and funny too! Just don't mess with her and she'll be fine really.

After we had the sessions with Teacher Aisyah, we had another sessions with Teacher Hajar. Haha I dunno if this sounds weird but this was the first time I heard her voice and I kinda love the sound of it hahahaha. Yes, I love her voice. She is another teacher who is known for her strictness but the students from her class usually emphasised on the aura she gives. Before this, I just heard about this but today I finally know how it feels like haha. She's not strict in general but its the aura of her haha. Its pretty hard to explain. She took over the other topics like salt and electrochemistry.

For your information, both of these teachers are not my chemistry teacher. Haha for two years in a row I had gotten Teacher Sawiyah. And she is the most coolest teacher I must say. Funny story, I used to hate her cuz she was like the most strictest teacher of all time for me haha that was before I met Teacher Aisyah of course. But know I have to say that I loveeeee her to death cuz well she's so close with us and she wasn't what I thought her to be in the first place. Alhamdulilah everything is all well now. Haha the whole class used to hate going to the lab for chemistry now is like one of the most funnest place to hang out hahahaha yes. And and she loves to give us sweets plus she has this adorable kittens.

Anyways, I think I could never forget the most exhilarating experience I've gotten today with my gals (eton, anis, intan and asna). We went to get brunch during break time and haha we only gotten 30 minutes. We wanted to go eat some roti canai but it was so far away, and we were scared that we might be late for the 2nd session. But...we went anyways. When our food arrived we ate like a pack of starved wolves and we didn't even had time to drink our beverages because we were so rushed to go back to school. I felt like I was racing for a marathon or something hahaha. The good news was we made it on time. Fiuh, it was definately a mini adventure for today.

Can't wait to tell you about tomorrow's activity.
Till then, adios amigos :)

My new obsession!

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Assalamualaikum and harluuu evelibadi :)

School's out, lets scream and shout! What a way to sum up this semester of school and exams and homework and stress with a break right? No.

Yes, I said no.

Thing is I won't really be able to have a time to relax as much as I imagined. You know staying in a hotel by the beach, watching the sunset everyday, chilling by the pool and eating good food. And this is all because of SPM!!! I really can't wait to just achieve amazing results because I am way too tired. Why, because I have to go to school for additional classes. Great!

Anyway, enough with the blabbing lets talk about the main topic. Lately, I have been obssesed about a few things haha. Its not blogging obviously -..- Haha, I just don't have time to sit around and talk about my life as much as I used to. Its pretty sad, but you guys would have prolly been bored reading them anyway *insert girl with her hands up like whut emoji* Avoid that if you don't know what I meant haha.

Guess what, one of my obsession is emoji. Shocker right, not.  I have to admit I'm quite slow with the latest trend cuz I don't have twitter and what not. I actually started using them last year. Hahahahaha such a noobis. Everybody else was wayy ahead of me. I guess Im just "old-fashion" like that hoho.

I'm also obsessed with youtube. Can you believe it I used to hate youtube and now its an obligation for me to watch at least once a day. Yes, I know what you're thinking. What kinda sick person watches youtube that much. Me haha. I'm sick. I'll be even worse if I don't. Its not just an obssesion anymore actually but rather than an addiction. I 've been watching beauty gurus online and the are tooo awesome. I just love love love watching hauls and make tutorials.Yass those are my fav. Ouh haha, and I just discovered an amazing comedian Miranda Sings. If you haven't heard her before than you better go on and search her right now!!! I dare you.

She is hilarious and annoying at the same time but I love her. I really don't know how to explain what her videos are like. You just have to go and watch them yourself haha. Meanwhile, I can't tell you how embarassing this is but haha Im getting obssesed with make ups. Hahahahahaha I know and I'm just 17. Well, its really weird or anything but I just feel kinda insecure about these kinda things. I mean I'm not really an expert and Im so not rich to buy all those cosmetics.So right now Im just focusing on the basic.

Seriously, I felt so shocked to see most girls from Amerika and Britain being such a pro at my age. I mean haha I still feel like Im a kid who will cry if her parents leave her in a mall. Haha its true tho, I always get left behind >.< And the way they do their hair. And decorating their room in a tumblr way. And and of course their adorable outfits. Im soo jealous.

Last but not least, I am obssesed with vine.Espicially the ones that have to do with sing, dancing and those hilarious clips of people being stupid. Ever heard of acidgaf, yeah she's cool just like her name haha. I mean I not such a fond of her attitude but her vines are just to entertaining. And there's also Naddysushi, Artickid, Raja Shahiran yeah there are all Malaysian viners including acidgaf. I know a few famous viners from the usa too, such as Cameron Dallas (the hunk), Nash Grier and Toby Randall. God I love his voiceee.

Well, that's it for today's post. I'll write soon about my upcoming activities for this holiday.
Till then, byeeee.