A lil reminder

So today I came upon a malaysian islamic photography account on instagram (of course :p) and I wanted to share with you one of the pictures I saw. It had a beautiful story behind it and it sort of touched me. And I felt like I just had to tell you guys about it! It went like this...
We are like plates
Imagine you gave three plates to three individuals to borrow. It might be ur friend, family or anyone really.
So the first individual brought you back ur plate and it was in a good condition. Nice and clean, not a single impurity. So you just put it back on the shelf like u always did.
Then, the second individual gave ur plate back but it was used and dirty. The second individual did not clean the plate after he/she has used it. So you put the plate by the sink to wash until it becomes sparkling clean. Then after you washed it, you put it back on the shelf.
Meanwhile, the third individual has brought back the plate into broken pieces. It was so bad that u could'nt even see the shape of the plate. It had no more value. So in the end, u have no choice but to throw it away in the bin.
So you see, its the same as our relationship with God. If we come back to him in a good condition, then He will put us back where we belong, a place for the good. Paradise.
And if we come back to him with sins, then He will have to "wash" our sins in hell before we could go to our original position, paradise.
But if we come back in the worst condition. Where you have to much sins and your faith in God cannot be seen. Then God will have no choice but to put us in hell forever and ever, just like the plate which no longer has value.
I hope this will help to remind us to do good and avoid the bad in our lives for today and other days to come.May god bless us and may we all be placed in Jannah one day. Amin :)
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