A day with le' girls

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hi guys!
Like seriously I have a lot to tell you about yesterday. Okay, I know this must sound lame and all but we had our first field trip together as a gang. Hahaha, even though we only went to Penang, it was still a whole lotta fun. Wait, a whale of time, yeah that sounds better. Well, at first we all gathered around and waited for the bus to arrive. We were supposed to go off at 8 am, but unfortunately the bus had gotten into some trouble and broken down. So we had to wait for 2 hours just to get on the bus. And we had a lot of plans that were cancelled due to the lateness. But, alhamdulilah we had a little breakfast before we went off, so I wasn't all that tired hehe =)
Our first destination was...drum roll please
The War Museum! *yawn*
Okay, I know it seems boring, even I thought it was boring hahaha #Evil
But when we  first got there, everything turned from 'yawn-town' to 'awesome-terror'. Hope you could keep up with my own words here. The museum was located on top off a hill. Faraway, from the local town. If you could only see the view. Anyways, a man Mr...I don't really know his name. Lets just call him Mr. Unnamed. Yeah, he briefed us a little about the museum before we explored the whole place. It was actually a very interesting place. You would believe me if you saw the documentary on a show called, "I wouldn't go there" ((something like that)) in the Discovery channel. The War Museum was also the top 30th horror places on Earth. You could imagine how it was during the invasion of the British and Japanese army.  What a nightmare!
  We went through dark tunnels, even crawled in them! Climbed up and down a few stairs and went window shopping. Wait that doesn't make sense, just joking. The were no shops around...err well except the gift shop ahahaha =.= So I was practically tired when we finished sight-seeing as we say. Ooo, the worst thing, but kinda strategic was that they charged us a can of beverages for RM2, and I guess that's why we couldn't bring in any of our belonging including water. That's just wrong! At about 2.00 pm  we headed out to our next destination...Queensbay Mall, here we come! 
We it took less than an hour, and we arrived at 2.40 pm. I felt soo excited until I heared the teacher say
"Kita hanya ada 2 jam sebab kena balik pukul 4.30pm"
And I was like what, that's already ten minutes less according to the time. So we as in me, Syifaa', Ilya and Alia hurried down to the food court, cuz we were all starved. Me and Ilya ate rice from the food court while Alia and Syifaa' had some burgers from McD. Yummy yummy in my tummy. And I had that black pepper seafood just saying~ Afterwards, we headed for the toilet then the surau to get fresh and change our clothes and pray. We wore our clothes and we looked fabulous.  I wore this aqua blue dress I bought the day before. I was supposed to wear it with the scarf I bought along but lets just say it wasn't with me all the way hehehe. Ilya wore a purple-pinkish baju kurung,  Alia wore a blouse with a skirt and Syifaa' had this green shirt with matching yellow scarf. Go kedah yellow-green. Get it?
Then, we went to the Borders bookshop. 
I had my eyes on the English book section! It was the mean reason I was here anyway haha. But it was mostly me, and Syifaa' who were intrested. Alia and Ilya weren't as much. I was amazed by the books that were sold. You couldn't get this much in the nearest bookshop. I really couldn't decide cuz there were soo many choices. But, lastly I found a book that were in my budget and was according to my taste to read. Hold on, we can't eat books. When I mean taste, I meant what I like in books. And this book was just perfect that I decided to buy all of the series available #1, #6 & #8. Too bad all of them were not in correct order. I hope I'll be able to buy the other volume next time. Insyaallah =)
We realized that it was only a few minutes before curfew. Ohh, I always wanted to say that =p
So we just went to buy some food before we headed back to the bus. We even had time to get lost. Hey, you think Queensbay is that small. Well, you try shopping there. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. But, alhamdulilah we found our way at last. I was just relieved that we weren't the last to arrive. Phew!
Then we went back to school and arrived around 7-ish like that. I guess, eventhough it was a one day trip, I definitely had fun with the girls and I hope we'll be able to do it again. 
Pretty tired now, seeya next time. Bye =D
Ps. I hope you're happy Shahira, this post is probably one of the longest one this year Y.Y

The new baby in town!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and yola~
So today I wanna tell you guys the latest news. I got a new baby....cousin.
What? You'd think I had a baby. No way laa. Haha. Comma lets, take a look at him
 Isn't he the cutest, littlest, cuddliest guy you've ever seen?
Yeaahh, he's a sweetheart. FYI, he is the first grandson of my grandparents. Get it?
Ohh, we are so thankful. Alhamdulilah, at last a boy. I mean cuz all the of others are girls, so this is definitely a first. The name of this adoroble child is Mohammad Naufal Bin Shahrul Nizam.
His name clarifies well our prophet cuz its Mohammad and as for Naufal, it means generous leader. Its also an old arabic name for sea. But, you know what? I'm pretty psyched cuz ahaha..I gave him that name. Wow, now that's awesome! The story went like this...*flashback*
My uncle, Mr. Shah was I donno lack of ideas ((or maybe just lazy)) #Evil, wanted us to find a name for the baby. Of course the baby wasn't born yet, or else everything would just be too #kalut. So my dad ((well practically everyone)) was searching for the best name. Now, it wasn't easy okay! Cuz at first they wanted a name that started with a few letters of their choice. I can't really remember what they were cuz it was a lot. Like seriously, my dad would search for the best names and then send them to my uncle through via text. Wait, that's Andres' line wkwkwk~ And then when it came to 'N' I chose Naufal. Cuz 
1. My other relative has the same name and he is sooo beautiful
2. It had a better meaning compared to the other names starting with 'N'
So I was pretty shocked and honored when they chose my name for the baby. Wow! I rock haha #pulun again. We also had this feast or more properly known as kendury aqiqah, for Naufal. Yeahh, since we had more than enough meat from raya a few weeks ago. So better, not waste it right? 
Well, that's it. I hope I get to see that little buddy soon. Cuz I just wanna hug him right now..
Ohh, I miss you so much little guy :* 
Hugs and kisses from me to you, bye =D

2nd Place

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyyo!
Guess what? "what"
We got second place for drama. "Yay! Err..congrats"

Hahaha. I am sooo #poyo
But I don't care cuz I'm reaally thrilled.
Huh? We only got second place and I'm already happy as a lark #simile
Well, the thing is... I thought we were worst than that.

Even jayshan said:
"Memang geranti dpt tempat last dah nie"

Yup. It was that bad. Our act was just not properly ordered. I mean with the props here and there, the sound system and the wrong cue not to mention the lines we forgot and just covered up. But no one was too blame. Cuz I know we did our best. Except for me. I thought I could do better. Hahaha, I didn't even finished memorizing the script. I mean, if we could practice for a longer period, I'm sure everything will work out fine. But, we only got like 2 days. Repeat 2 DAYS! So I thought again, we did great for two days. And it wasn't even through the whole day. I don't wanna complain, but the teachers should have given more time for us if they expect us to do a good show.

The worst part of drama, I think was me singing. What! Jeeha singing, does she sound good? Of course not. Now way, I'm ever gonna sing. Actually, I had this scene where I'd suppose to be it depressed and frustrated and I had to sing a sad song.Well, I had to say no, so at last I just had to lip-sync. Which was sooo embarrassing. Everyone practically laughed out loud, seeing me look like a fool.  But, they kept saying it was cool and all and giving me support which I still don't understand why. It was soo bad. Like I was this crazy dude who had no talent that was paid to entertain people for cheap. Hahaha but at least, the crowd did enjoy it. Which made me a bit relieved *sighs =)

Ooo, but the best part was where the ghost scene took part. Guess who's the ghost?
You, got it? Well if you guessed hayati then you are correct! Have yourself a pat on your back *cheers
Anyway, Yati/Yatt/Hatyai- yeah she gotta lotta nicknames haha, dressed up in black with this bloody make- up on her face. She reeaally scared me. Even Jay was scared ahahaha. The crowd cheered when she walked into the stage. Yay! I mean, even though it didn't work out just liked we planned but it was actually okay. But I'm soo proud cuz she did bear with me when I changed the script my way...a little. So thank you yati, you did good. Too bad I don't have a picture of you =D

All the cast and crew received a certificate. They also gave us this big prize, but, I don't know what it is cuz jay has got it. I'll just ask him tomorrow. Then, when I went home I read Syasya's blog. Like seriously, at first I was kinda disappointed with the sound system, but then I found out that you had to control the speaker, mic, and netbook at one time! Man, that's a lotta work for one girl. Plus, you're not even use to all this technical stuff and not to forget we only practiced a few times. So don't worry, you don't have to be sorry. Its totally not your fault at all. We are a team. And there's no 'I' in team kay. Hahaha, I hope you know this. For a first timer, I think you did great! Gosh, after reading her blog, I just felt like I wanna cry. I mean, I understand the pressure. Just remember "Together through the good days and the bad", right?

Well I guess that's it. Please enjoy this photo of me and Fizah. Lol #pulun
 Aren't we just cute =P

One more thing, I just wanna say to all my readers. Do visit these awesome blogs of my friends if you wanna know more about drama or just wanna blogwalk. Cuz I'm pretty sure they're probably updating about this too. Hahaha, kbye!
8.Ain Izzati


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and goodnight~
Okay, well don't you hit the sack now cuz of what I said hahaha. Typical me. Updating this blog, in the middle of the night. Aha, sometimes I just love to do crazy things, don't I. Haha, but that's me so you better get use to it if wanna be my friend. If not, you free to do as want. #annoying much?
Lets continue reading shall we?
Actually, I wanted to update my trip to Pangkor Island but I'm too lazy and I'm already kinda sleepy so I decided to do a quick post. Cuz, what's the use of a blog, if you're not gonna express yourself innit.
Why "Drama-fever" you ask? Well like I mentioned before, we were assigned to do a short play and perform it on this Wednesday. Okay, I may must have missed some details but don't worry, Imma gonna give you the deeds. Since, all of the form 3 students are like free now, the teachers had planned some activities for us to do until the end of the year. And, that included this drama/play thingy. Ten students, from each class will be chosen to participate in the play. Make that obligated to participate. For our class, 3 IT babeh the cast and crew are:
1. Me
2. Shahira
3. Jayshan       {the actors/actress}

4. Masturina
5. Aiman  Syai
6. Alia
7. Syasya
8. Afiqah       {the crew}
9. Hayati
10. Morgan  Fizah
Anyway, I called Jay today and he totally freaked out cuz he just knew we were gonna perform so soon.
We didn't even start practicing yet. But fortunately, he finished making the script. THANK YOU!
So he said we are going to practice tomorrow after school. Yayy I can't wait. I'm too excited cuz its been so long since I've acted.  This is gonna be so much fun. I hope haha. Thanks again, for giving the lists of names and equipment to teach. Argh.. I was soo worried about that cuz our team is kinda left behind right now. But its okay, we can do this and we will be the champions! #somemotivation...Just wait until you hear us rooaarr!
Okay, now I'm going out of topic. I just love Katy Perry's song Roar #Fav :D
Till then,
Bye :*

Happy Eid Adha

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello
Okay, today was just a happy, yet disappointing day. The great part of my day is we had this awesome cleaning, rubbish picking treasure hunt with my classmate. Well, almost. Hahaha, I also played a little basketball game with the girls. Ohh, I felt soo free. With wind blowing on my face. And we were laughing. Plus it was reeaally funny playing with Shasha (Arissa) and Huwaida aka JB's No.1 fan! Today, I had also, finally talked with the guys about this drama we are going to present later. I got the part of Lucy. A shy kinda of girl. Huh? Wonder how I'm gonna pull of this one. Hahaha well, lets wait and see. Anyways, Jayshan is also playing a part, so is Shahira. Yay! The whole drama gang is participating. But, you know I'm pretty pissed off at someone. Ahh, lets just forget about that person. I don't want him ruining this happy moment. Ohh, I forgot to tell you guys. We're gonna be acting an awesome play. Its called, Quertyiop or something. Don't question my spelling, please. Hahaha
Shasha, doing her little pose. CUTE!
Well, I gotta go. I'm gonna go back to the village for raya. Hope Jayshan finishes the script, so we could actually start to practice. See ya!
Happy Eid Adha

Pandu puteri?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyya!
Okay, what's with the attitude dude? Nothing I'm just a little excited.
Is that soo wrong huh! Nuff of dat.
What's wrong with me, arguing with myself. #oneword "P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C". Hahaha, who cares. Well that's what happens when you're alone in your own little world. Wait what are we talking about again. Oh yeah~ Pandu puteri. Okay I think everybody knows that I've been a girl guide since form 1, right? Well if you don't know or care...JUST SHUT UP AND READ! Hahaha..pretty #evil. Anywho, I'm not that active. I've participated in a few events but it wasn't much. Let's recap:
1. I've entered the marching competition
2. I've entered choir
Well can you believe it. These are the only events that I've participated. I repeat the ONLY events.
But alhamdulilah, I got the chance to participate a community service event at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sg. Petani #SP. It was reaally cool. We even got the chance to see the agong's daughter and her daughter hahaha no kidding. Tungku Sofiyah and Tungku err... I forgot her name but she is reaally beautiful.
Hey, do wanna see some pics. Okay open your eyes wide heeee~
ME! "Hi mommy"
Oh, I also came with Farah and Liyana. Too cute, right?

These are the peeps
 Girl guide is worldwide kay!
So that's it. I'm kinda lazy too upload more photos cuz the internet is as slow as a snail. #Idioms #pulun :P
And I ain't got that long. Well act, we just had a quiz, went around in circles for a while, had lunch, and went home. Then afterwards, I went shopping with my mum. Aww...tommorow's school so I should probably hit the sack now. We have assembly tommorow, right? So what are you guys wearing? PJ's or uniform..
Ehh, I'll just wear uniform. Lates =)

Crystal clear

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Annyeongseo! haha too much. Like I care.
Yeah well, I love kpop and all but lets say I'm not that addicted as my friends.
You may look with awe.

Hahahaha, so yeah its official. 
Yayayayayayayay! *Happy dance time
Wohoo! Still very happy and exited, 
but at the same time anxious and scared.
Just like haifaa would say: 
" Dulu masa pmr nak dekat, semua pakat takut pmr.
Lani bila pmr dah habis semua pakat takut dengan result pulak".

But seriously I can't help it. I reaally wanna know my result..but..but not now.
Oh no..not now. Now is the time to chill and relax.
Yes! Three years, waiting for this battle.
Three years, of preparing.
And now it has come to an end.
 Fuhh. It was a lot to handle.
Cuz, we had to sacrifice everything.
Well, all of the things we call fun Y.Y
Hahaha. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.
 I have it all planned up for the school's holiday. 
Aaaaaaaa its gonna be a blast. I hope.
You know, the feeling of walking into the room.
Taking your seat, placing your ID and slip on the table.
Waiting for the clock to strike.
Then slowly taking out your pencils to fill in your answers on the sheet.
Wasn't all that scary at first.
But come to think of it, I wasn't all that scared at all.
Sometimes I forgot I was taking a MAJOR test.
PMR kot. But, yeah I was pretty relaxed.
Too relaxed. I had to, or else..I'd be mental.
Cuz, If I cared too much, I'd think too much.
Ohh you don't know me.
If I was in my stressed mode everyone would know.
Just by seeing the state of me.

All week of pmr, I had seen so much.
People making mistakes here, crying about this and that,
people who pushed themselves too much,
and sometimes just the ones who sit alone, reading.
Seriously emotional. Shocker, never thought PMR could do so much.
But, no I wanna forget about that now.
Yeah, lets talk about something else.

Have you heared, only two more days.
Of what you ask?
The new nickelodeon show, Sam and Cat.
Actually, I've already had my own personal preview.
On youtube dude, the show rocks!
Haha can't wait.

Well, later guys. Jeeha is out. Peace!