Busy busy busy!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hey guys!
Long time no see, how's everything going? Well, I'm fine alhamdulilah. Its been a while since I posted right? 
But that's okay cuz I'm back! You must have been wondering what I've been doing for the past week that I didn't have time to update. The truth is that I've been entering a camp at UUM for 5 days at the islamic center. It was really wonderful and all cuz I got to meet new and old friends.We were taught the ways to read al-Quran the right way with tajwid and fardhu ain. I had an interesting experience since I was one of the older participant than most of the others. But it was worth though. And I met this little fourth grader who was sooo cute and adorable! I wanted to take a pic of him as a memory but he was too shy, so he just kept running away every time I hold the camera. Haha.
 Man! I already miss him. Ahh... enough talk now take a look at this. Hehehe :')

 Me and Alia
 Alia, Farisha, Widad and err..*forgotten her name*
 Aww..I love this pic. Its awesome!
 Formasi ehehehe =D
 Us again...
 The hall
Cute right? *edited*
 Thumbs up for the camp!
Them...*I don't know all their names*
 My certificate of attendence!

Okay that's all. See ya B)

12 November 2012

Assalamualaikum and good night :3
Celebrate today and live for tommorow!
Sweet dreams guys :D

See the difference?

Asslamualaikum w.b.t and good afternoon :3
Hi guys! Long time, no post? Haha. I know its no that funny isn't it but try to laugh. We can't all be comedians :p Kidding! Wait, what was I goinig to say again...Oh yeah! Btw..have you noticed anything different on my blog today. Mmm...I don't know..Maybe the layout, pages and the HEADER!...*wink2*
Yes! You've noticed...Yay! Well lately I've been renovating my blog to make it easier for the other bloggies and bloggettes to use. The last time, before I renovated the chatbox was in another page...

So it was for the others to see/ know cuz it was hidden away. And because of that, most of them left their regards on my posts in the comments. But now...

 See! It pop's up when you click on it! Why am I sooo excited for? Whatever =,=
Oh why don't we take a look at my header..before & after. Shall we...

This was my last header. Plain and simple. And now...

Waaahh..Cute tak? Ish! Excuse me for my broken english. What I meant was " Is is pretty or nice or sweet?" *Your Answer* It is! Thanks. I take everything as a complement. Haha. Well this header was actually made by my blogger friend Balqis Sarah. Thank you Qis! I entered her segment and got this. Honestly I think she's got a talent at making one! Keep up the good work!

Last but not least I twicthed a little bit of everything in my sidebar column. Look.. well actually I don't have the older layout cuz I didn't printscreen. Hehe. But that's okay cuz for those who often visited my blog, they'd notice..And for those who didn't..Well to BAD! Haha *mean*. Mmm.. well that's it I guess. I know it wasn't a lot but it did took a lot of effort and I'm quite PROUD! :D Anyway I was thinking of doing a segment/ contest before school comes around but I'm scared it wouldn't get much support. Cuz FYI: I'm not really a famous blogger. Mmm.. Well tell me what you think okay!
Bye for now :')