Busy busy busy!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hey guys!
Long time no see, how's everything going? Well, I'm fine alhamdulilah. Its been a while since I posted right? 
But that's okay cuz I'm back! You must have been wondering what I've been doing for the past week that I didn't have time to update. The truth is that I've been entering a camp at UUM for 5 days at the islamic center. It was really wonderful and all cuz I got to meet new and old friends.We were taught the ways to read al-Quran the right way with tajwid and fardhu ain. I had an interesting experience since I was one of the older participant than most of the others. But it was worth though. And I met this little fourth grader who was sooo cute and adorable! I wanted to take a pic of him as a memory but he was too shy, so he just kept running away every time I hold the camera. Haha.
 Man! I already miss him. Ahh... enough talk now take a look at this. Hehehe :')

 Me and Alia
 Alia, Farisha, Widad and err..*forgotten her name*
 Aww..I love this pic. Its awesome!
 Formasi ehehehe =D
 Us again...
 The hall
Cute right? *edited*
 Thumbs up for the camp!
Them...*I don't know all their names*
 My certificate of attendence!

Okay that's all. See ya B)


Puteri Afiqah said...

wow.. the camp must be great, right ?

Najihah Najmy said...

Yeah! It was great! :D

ahsfantasy24 said...

photshoot sakan dia. hehe..
jom tengok segmen baru :)

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