Be nice to everyone

Someone told me something important that I think might change the way I think as a person.  InsyaAllah I will try my best to do this. I had some problems recently and I was a bit clueless and confused if what I did to solve the problem was right.  Well you know what I did.
I push people away.  Yes. I have always done that everytime I had a fight or personal problems. I do that a lot.  And well I thought it was okay.  But... I was wrong.  My friend told me that I didn't know if when I pushed them away they might be hurt. And at first I was like, well let them get hurt.  I mean they did to me.  So you see the thing is when you fight fire with fire, all you get is just a bigger fire. And you see I heard this saying before and I thought I would never do that.  Because it just makes things worst.  Plus, when I did that I didn't really care if our "bond" (silaturrahim) was gonna crash and burn because I was only thinking of my happiness. I was selfish to do that.  She said that,  just because we want our happiness doesn't mean we have to hurt others.  Do good to others eventho they did bad to us.  So thats what im gonna do if I have another problem like this.  Well im gonna go apologize to my friend. Seeya!

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