Must-have purses for woman

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 
Its good to be back in the “blogger” world. Lately, I have been exploring some new cool things and I would love to blog about it and share with you all. For all my loyal readers, you might be aware that most of the things I talk around here is mainly about my life and my well-being. Since it is 2016, I would like to widen my blog post topics so that it is not limited towards the former and later. The topics that I am intrigued to write are beauty and fashion. I guess I was inspired to do so since I’ve been keeping up with beauty gurus and fashion bloggers for quite some time now so I wanted to express myself through this in my own way. But not to worry, I will keep updating with my normal posts every now and then.

Anyway lets get back to the main topic. As you may know, to be a fashionista or in my case “hijabster” will always have a perfect outfit to rock out too. Although in my opinion, I feel that a pretty outfit is not enough unless it has a nice wallet or purse to complete the look. Not only does this item act as a form of accessory but it is also convenient as it is used to fill in cash and important cards every time we need to step out of the house. Girls who love looking chic will definitely own a few purses to style with every look they pull together. If you want to change to a new purse as different individual have different taste, there are plenty of purses for women designs <-- here that you can choose from depending on your style. Plus on the bright side, they’re affordable too! What more could you want?! Here, I’ve narrowed it down to the three most likely purses that could go with any outfit!

1.     Mini

If you prefer simplicity and do not like to carry a bulging purse everywhere you go, go with something simple as a mini purse. The mini purses are suitable for girls to carry when they are going to a quick meal with their friends, running errands or even grocery shopping! The purse is design to fill your cash and few important cards which is awesome for a simple day out. Remember, nice and practical is the key.

2.    The Fold Over

This is the common type of purse that women love to style as it is designed with many slots to hold various card and are available in trendy designs. Even my mom wears this :P Choose from the wide range of fold over purse designs that fit your style and carry it with confidence. This purse is perfect for girls of all age to flaunt as it shows off your mature sophisticated appeal and fashionable accessory.

3.    Clutch Purse

The clutch purse is a bit smaller in size than a clutch handbag but it is an easier way for a woman to fill in their cash and cards. By simply throwing everything it in, this clutch purse is practically a faster way to pull out your cash and card since everything is in one place. If you are someone who is always in a rush or hate taking your time to pull out your cash in line, then this clutch purse is the one for you.

As you can see, purses also play an important role if you’re planning to have a great #OOTD look. So, always choose the right purse according to your outfit and what most suits you. I hope this post has been helpful. Comment down below on what purse you would choose and why? I would love to hear your feedback :D
Till next time, Jihah


Isma Ismail said...

tak pernah ada purse,tak pernah guna of course,n pakai wallet sebab rasa macam cool je hahahaha

Ardini said...

i have a mini and two fold overs. i love them so much. each for different occasions. not really a fan of clutches but i think they look lovely :)