Being in form 3?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good evening ya'll 
How's life? Fun, amazing, great, fabtastic! Me? Horrible, but wonderful at the same time. Hehe, trying to sound like that Taylor swift song..erm 22. Yeah, but seriously its sooo true! Okay lettme explain it to you a little more specific. The horrible part is because I have soooo much work to do, I have no time to breath non the less to relax. And the  wonderful part is I have a really good social life now. Kekeke. I know watcha ya thinking- pathetic right? Well lets just say I'm the same person you knew last year. I'm more confident, brave and courageous than I was before. Like seriously, I could talk to a guy without feeling nervous and nauseous.
I'm soo proud of myself :P Anyways I can't believe I can survive without serving the Internet on weekdays. Usually I would freak out if that kind of things happen, now its like a rule that I can't break. I guess I just got used to it maybe. Probably cuz I don't have no time on my hands to do such things. Well yeah! With all those home works, major folios (KKG and KKS), and notes. Not to mention with all the things I have to attend like tuition classes, extra curricular activities and TARAM - which stands for (kids who need a lotta help to pass Maths). But that is what's like being a PMR victim you can't do anything about it but to just keep quite and do what you are told. I know right? #sadlife Seriously you just have to be in my shoes to know how it feels like. Stress much! You know., I am supposed to do my KKG now but I guess I should at least deserve a little me time, don't you think? I mean, at least by blogging stress would shimmer a bit. So did you visit the blog link I gave to you guys. You did? Its  daBOMB right? Oooo...its getting a bit late now. Gotta start my KKG before mom finds out. Seeya!
ps. I was in amsterdam when I took that pic...just kidding :P

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izzamri said...

had been through it on 2005.
it was a loong time ago.
sincerely,i miss the moment when i so stress!
btw,just enjoy ur fun.=)