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Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hey guys
 Just a short post for tonight. So what's up? Its been a long time since I updated. It must have misseda lot, right? Well I have to say recently I've been crazy in love with romance novels, movies, shows or anything to do with romance. I know, GEDIK right? Well I think its just a way to release all this stress. I'm as sucker for comedy romance too. Social media? No, not anymore. Everything seems boring now. Anyways, you probably heard of Maria Elena and Fatin Liyana right? Of course. The most famous bloggers of the century! Well lately I've been checking out their site a couple of times. Turns out Maria has recently gotten married to this charming young man Asfirdaus. I tell you their love story about their wedding was sooo sweet and AWESOME! I mean they are both funny, kind and has a great personalities not too mention rich! And Maria is sooo cool. I haven't met a more talented girl than her. And her stories she wrote about her hijrah to become a better muslim is something that I can really relate too! Seriously, you should try and go visit her blog sometimes...Well if this is your first. HEHE :D 
Just for sharing. Imean who else would I talk too! Anyways, here's the link:
you could read them in both of the blogs. Well gtg. Seeya :P

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