The last few days

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and yellow~ 
Okay dokay, lets get straight to zee points(bad frenchies). If you read this post {CLICK HERE} yeah well this is just the sequal of that one like part 2 haha. Kay, honestly I've had a very busy and tiring day sooo I'm really exhausted but since its been a while that I've updated so I'll try my best to write this post without falling asleep. *Practically already yawning*
Latest Status: 2 more days till the holidays!
See this, yeah I can't believe it nor accept it haha lol. Its just, I mean, do I say this...erm It's hard.
I'm probably definitely gonna miss all the moments together. With my classmates and my best friends. So, thanks to Abg Shafiq's advice, btw thanks for the comment haha, I decided to do as he says and enjoy these last few days. So me and le' girls did some super-awesome-crazy-wicked stuff at school! Yeah bet you can't beat that yo? We had lunch and took a few pics. Hahaha, check um out.
Up from left: Alia and Syifaa'. Down from left: Syasya, Me and Ilya

Too many pics and this is what happens, all squished together!
THIS IS US! (again) #selfie #puluns
Like seriously I have loads of pics but this is all I have for tonight. Haha, I'll upload them later kay, maybe lol. Bye-bye and goodnight world ^^


~Nor Arena~ said...


gud luck for ur exam...

ina salah seorang peserta GA aina zarul nizam..doakan ina yer..:)

Najihah Najmy said...

Wassalam, thank you @ina!! Insyallah, best wishes from me :)

Am_Mir said...

U guys are sooo much cute!! >.<
Bestnya! xD Kawan Baik ya? =D
Semoga kekal hingga ke Jannah.
=) <3

Najihah Najmy said...

@Am_Mir: Awww THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! Insyallah, friends till jannah amin :)