Missing Part 2

 Pray for me 8A's PMR. Amin :)
 Raya Raya Raya:
 Like a rainbow, right?
Haha, actually I bought this cake last minute and well this was the only one left that was appropriate hehehe. But I was suprised that they ate the cake until only bits of crumbs were left. Thanks guys! But I wasn't the only one who brought cakes. Shahira even baked one herself and Ammar brought a banana cake. And they were delightful. We had loads of food and hungry people. But I think the most starved was of course Syai aka Alvaro Morata. He just ate and ate and ate and ate.Well, I guess he kinda deserves after going here and there delivering the food. Even Morgan was having a good time himself. And it was kinda hard to see him smile sometimes. But it wasn't all sprinkles and sunshine, I mean seriously no sunshine cuz it was raining hahaha. And our school is kinda situated at low spot so it was easy to get flooded. It was definitely choatic and an amazing exprience. Ouh I forgot our main food was sponsored by Nasuha! We had her mom's famous chicken rice. Of course I was full after eating all that food. Practically almost everyone brought something to the party. After eating, I also had time to have a one on one with Hasron at chess... err kinda haha. Cuz Syasya helped a little. But she mostly helped Afiqah seksy who's opponent was Azamir the perasantan haha. I'm joking hee~ Meanwhile, Zulhie was doing a gyiomi dance that was requested by the others. The guy is always like that if you ask me. He's sorta the class clown or someting like that. Syifaa', Syasya, Alia and the other girls too looked like they had fun. Finally, at the end of the day, we took a class photo together.Wonder how it was, cuz we never got a copy afterwards haha.
So watcha think about my new header ehh?? Hehe. Made it myself kay. It was kinda hard at first cuz I don't normally download the fonts but after a few tutorials which really helped I managed to make this simple header. Thanks soo much Kak Hafizah <3 Hmm..you must be thinking "why did I bold and coloured all the names?" Cuz I'm cool like that laa..no actually these are my friends from 3 It soo when they read this they might feel happy haha. #Tetibe je.
Till next time, cheerio

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