Assalamualaikum w.b.t and bonjour
-A day to remember. School 2013, 3 Intelek-
Hey guys, long time no see haha. So just a moment ago, I had logged in my account and was checking the newsfeed to see the latetest updates when I saw Jayshan's blog with the title "The Last Day".
So I clicked it then exictedly read the whole thing. It was a quite long entry, but I managed it. In fact I want mooorree!! But I was pretty amazed, I mean I was touched by his words hahaha cehh.. Jayshan I hope your not too flattered. Well I think, you guys had enough with their side of the story, now its my turn. Kay, this is just a synopsis of my life this year with 3 Intelek.
  Hold your horses guys and gals! Before I start to spill out the good stuff, please take a look at this picture  below. Does this look familiar? Haha, if you do. I'll tell you a secret but later ok. Hope you enjoy the story.
 First day of school: 
I woke that morning feeling all excited and a little bummed cuz, I was dying to see my friends but sadly that means holidays are over huhu. Then, as usual I waited for my daily transport. Well, of course its Mr.Bobby and his  van err..I mean ferrari hehe. Actually "Ferrari" is just a fancy name for my van, which was given from one of my best friend the awesome Jayshan! Why "Ferrari" you wonder? Cuz its one his funny sarcasm of calling names for the van. Okay long story short, the van is slower than a snail, exprienced in many (tiny) accidents and blown up a few times!!! Haha, but do not report this to anyone cuz Mr. Bob might lose his job, poor him :(
And before you know it. "Ferrari" has become one of the hottest topics in geography lessons taught by my lovely teacher Mrs. Azhana. Ohh, I love her to death. She just has a way with crazy teenagers like us. Right, now I'm of topic. Ermm where was I...oh yeah. I arrived to school, then there was this boring long assembly. Welcoming students and all yadda yadda yadda. Lets just skip that part. When we were in class, all of the teachers (who taught 3 IT) introduced themselves and we had a little talk with them. Got the new schedual for the year, lists of books and whatnot. Then, we were brought to this particular room to collect our new text books which were heeaavvy for a weak girl like me...blueekk :P
And before we went home, we had selected the new VVIP crew. Hafizah as the big boss, Jayshan her sidekick, Ain(Tazzie) as the 2nd sidekick and last but not least Shahira as our treasurer. Ohh, and our fabulous designers Afiqah and Syaza. Can't leave you gals out haha. And finally, it was hometime.
Next! Honestly I'd like to tell you every single thing about my life and all but I'm too lazy tired soo lets just hear about the interesting parts this year haha ^^ in my other posts ok :)
Well bye, seeya!
To: Afiqah, Shahira, Jayshan and Syasya when are you guys gonna update? I'm tired of waiting!

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