Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Happy Eid ul Fitri! Weeee~
Hahaha...can you spot the difference in this photo? #buat setai
Okay2, back to the topic. The month of Syawal has just arrived and like I said, I went back to Mommy's homeown or as we say in malay..Balik kampung oh oh oh (X2).Yeah~ You know I thought that raya wasn't gonna be all that cuz nobody was home and everything would just be you know err..krik-krik haha. But when we arrived, I saw 5 baju raya hanging on the clothes line. AND THEY WE'RE RED! Omg. So I thought for a sec, wait if our baju raya were in the car...then who were these? I mean nobody was home. No cars or anything. But that's when I found out..My aunt (maklong) was gonna celebrate eid with us. Woah! We haven't celebrate eid together for a while now, cuz everybody's busy and what not. Haha. This was gonna be interesting I thought to myself.

There were a lot to be done. I helped a bit, haha. Hey putting up the curtains was hard work okay! Mom did all the cooking. My aunt arrived that night and they cooked up a few things too. The next morning, we went to the mosque to pray and it was packed with people. We went kinda late cuz they would usually start praying sunat aidil fitri at nine-ish, something like that. So we were surprised that people were already praying. We didn't get a chance to pray cuz there were no space. Halal lah, maybe next year. After that, we took family pics. It was awesome cuz everyone well mostly everyone was wearing red. Then, we went raya-ing haha. Visiting other people, getting duit raya yeah that's the best part of Eid. Man I love it! That evening we did a study group. WHAT? Studying in the holidays #pulun. Hahaha well believe it or not the 5 of us will be taking a major test. 3 pmr and 5 upsr victims. So yeah. I thought a few things and so did they.

The next morning we went to daddy's hometown. It wasn't far from here, just a few km. It took 15 minutes and we arrived. I wasn't very happy cuz my cousins weren't coming back and I was already getting used to the moment, being with 3 of us- me, Syadia and Alin. Haha BFFs forever Amin. And then we saw a familiar car. Omg, they did came back. Hahaha. I was sooo blessed. Thank you Allah. Man, raya 2013 was a lot of surprises. Haha. So everyone was home at my dad's kampung. A lot of people came to the house so we didn't get a chance to go raya-ing. My duit raya wasn't getting any thicker. Because 1. I'm too old and 2. We didn't go raya-ing as much. Haha. That night we played fireworks. Mini fireworks- bunga api laa. It was the best. I felt like a little kid again haha. Granny cooked chicken rice so we had that for supper at 11pm. Not dinner cuz our relatives came that night. The next morning we went to a birthday party and visted another relatives. Then we went home. I guess life is just full of surprises. Well raya 2013 was awesome. K..bye :D

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Wah..sy tk pnh braya kaler merah..