Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hello peeps. How's school? Haha. #poyo :p
So I've gotten my results. Yeah. Alhamdulilah, I passed all my tests but...I didn't get straight A's :(
Aww- well at first it was hard to take but finally I found to accept my results. Cuz I realized that it wasn't my fullest effort. What I mean is I didn't give it my all. Especially KH haha. I didn't even read all the chapters. Just flipped through the book actually wkwkwk :o
What. I'm not that diligent hehe but I promise you, I will try harder. When you ask? PMR. Nooo Pre-PMR.
If only KH was easier. The questions are sooo profound. And you think ERT is a piece of cake. Mmm I wish! But I hope that you can help me. How? Well by praying for me. Haha thanks guys. Oooo, have you guys done your syawal fast (puasa enam larh)? Yeah, no, maybe later? Well they say that if you perform this fast, the good deeds you get is as if you fast for one whole year! Ohmaigosh that's a lot babe.
Lastly, I just wanna apologize to all my readers and my friends if I said or did anything that in anyway offended you and what not. I'm sooo sorry, I really am. Okay its time for me to move on and forget the past. And try harder. But study smart. Haha- lol. Bye :)

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