Crystal clear

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Annyeongseo! haha too much. Like I care.
Yeah well, I love kpop and all but lets say I'm not that addicted as my friends.
You may look with awe.

Hahahaha, so yeah its official. 
Yayayayayayayay! *Happy dance time
Wohoo! Still very happy and exited, 
but at the same time anxious and scared.
Just like haifaa would say: 
" Dulu masa pmr nak dekat, semua pakat takut pmr.
Lani bila pmr dah habis semua pakat takut dengan result pulak".

But seriously I can't help it. I reaally wanna know my result..but..but not now.
Oh no..not now. Now is the time to chill and relax.
Yes! Three years, waiting for this battle.
Three years, of preparing.
And now it has come to an end.
 Fuhh. It was a lot to handle.
Cuz, we had to sacrifice everything.
Well, all of the things we call fun Y.Y
Hahaha. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.
 I have it all planned up for the school's holiday. 
Aaaaaaaa its gonna be a blast. I hope.
You know, the feeling of walking into the room.
Taking your seat, placing your ID and slip on the table.
Waiting for the clock to strike.
Then slowly taking out your pencils to fill in your answers on the sheet.
Wasn't all that scary at first.
But come to think of it, I wasn't all that scared at all.
Sometimes I forgot I was taking a MAJOR test.
PMR kot. But, yeah I was pretty relaxed.
Too relaxed. I had to, or else..I'd be mental.
Cuz, If I cared too much, I'd think too much.
Ohh you don't know me.
If I was in my stressed mode everyone would know.
Just by seeing the state of me.

All week of pmr, I had seen so much.
People making mistakes here, crying about this and that,
people who pushed themselves too much,
and sometimes just the ones who sit alone, reading.
Seriously emotional. Shocker, never thought PMR could do so much.
But, no I wanna forget about that now.
Yeah, lets talk about something else.

Have you heared, only two more days.
Of what you ask?
The new nickelodeon show, Sam and Cat.
Actually, I've already had my own personal preview.
On youtube dude, the show rocks!
Haha can't wait.

Well, later guys. Jeeha is out. Peace!

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