Day 1: Chemistry Workshop

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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone
So today I had my first program at school and yas it was all about chemistry. Nothing interesting really haha but alhamdulilah I did gain some knowledge but I still have a long way to go to achieve A+. I mean I haven't even touched an A before for Chemistry let alone A+. Its gonna take some hard work fuh and we haven't even talked about the other subjects like biology, physics and lets not forget my favourite subject of all addmaths! Can you sense my sarcasm, well I hope you do.

Before the program started, the teacher gave us some worksheets to do. I did them, but only the ones I'm sure of haha. And let me tell you it wasn't a lot that I'm sure of haha lol. It was all paper 2 so we are talking about essays and structured questions here haha. Of course it was exhausting pouring out the juices of my brain to answer them but I did my best hoho.We checked the answers during the program after she gave us some tips on how to answer paper 2. When I meant she, I meant Teacher Aisyah haha.

A lil intro about Teacher Aisyah. First of all, she is very very well known for her title as a GCSE chemistry teacher. She has the highest title among all the teachers in my school and has even out beaten our school principal. Next, she is also known for her strictness in class. Tbh I was terrified to go to school today because I was afraid that she's gonna call me out to answer the questions for the worksheet (cuz she had this habit of calling people out to the front to answer questions) but apparently the only time she gets mad is when students come late to her class, not paying attention and not completing her work, other than that she's pretty cool and funny too! Just don't mess with her and she'll be fine really.

After we had the sessions with Teacher Aisyah, we had another sessions with Teacher Hajar. Haha I dunno if this sounds weird but this was the first time I heard her voice and I kinda love the sound of it hahahaha. Yes, I love her voice. She is another teacher who is known for her strictness but the students from her class usually emphasised on the aura she gives. Before this, I just heard about this but today I finally know how it feels like haha. She's not strict in general but its the aura of her haha. Its pretty hard to explain. She took over the other topics like salt and electrochemistry.

For your information, both of these teachers are not my chemistry teacher. Haha for two years in a row I had gotten Teacher Sawiyah. And she is the most coolest teacher I must say. Funny story, I used to hate her cuz she was like the most strictest teacher of all time for me haha that was before I met Teacher Aisyah of course. But know I have to say that I loveeeee her to death cuz well she's so close with us and she wasn't what I thought her to be in the first place. Alhamdulilah everything is all well now. Haha the whole class used to hate going to the lab for chemistry now is like one of the most funnest place to hang out hahahaha yes. And and she loves to give us sweets plus she has this adorable kittens.

Anyways, I think I could never forget the most exhilarating experience I've gotten today with my gals (eton, anis, intan and asna). We went to get brunch during break time and haha we only gotten 30 minutes. We wanted to go eat some roti canai but it was so far away, and we were scared that we might be late for the 2nd session. But...we went anyways. When our food arrived we ate like a pack of starved wolves and we didn't even had time to drink our beverages because we were so rushed to go back to school. I felt like I was racing for a marathon or something hahaha. The good news was we made it on time. Fiuh, it was definately a mini adventure for today.

Can't wait to tell you about tomorrow's activity.
Till then, adios amigos :)

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