Day 3: Addmath horror

Assalamualaikum and hey there everyone
Sorry I didn't updated anything yesterday but I was too tired haha. So I slept early. This holiday has definitely been an odd one. Why? Because usually if I was on break I would sleep like really late. Haha the later the better *insert thumbs up emoticon* Ok so thats not a good example to the kids. But this time, I would sleep right after isyak or around 10-11 ish and that is earlier than my school nights where I sleep till 2am finishing homework lewls.

Ouh yes, addmath. Sweet sweet addmath. Yesterday we had another workshop and it was all about my favourite subject *coughs* sarcasm *coughs. Yeah, and everyone was divided into groups. Of course I was with my gurlss. Everyone had to complete this module we got from last year. Let me tell you one thing, it is thick as hell!!! And as a perfect student, I have not finished any sets in that book. Haha I just did random questions and some them I only did have way. How good am I? Obviously not. Just like my grades -..- pffft.

Then, the teachers picked out random students from the crowd to show their workout at the front of the hall. I am soo glad I wasn't picked out. I suck at addmath or math. Just anything to do with numbers really. Im more attracted to words you see. Haha literature is my fav eventho my spellings are kinda bad hahaha.

Then, after the workshop I went to my grandma's house. She is so busy with weddings espicially during the holidays. Its non stop for her. That's why we ate kenduri food she got back from the wedding lol. It kinda got really slow after that. I was pretty much lying on the bed and I took a nap. I didn't even touch my homework I brought from home. It was one of those times where you just want to chill and relax and not think of anything. Haha but the bad thing is this happens everyday to me! When will I finally start to do my homework here.

Well I gtg. I will give you the update about today's activity tomorrow morning insyaAllah.
Till then, bye bye :)


Niena Reen said...

Heheh.. Same goes to me. I'm not so good when it's related to numbers. Yeahh, I also love words. It's more fun I think? Hehehe. Right, sometimes we just want to relax and not thinking about things which are actually our priorities. Hehehe.. I am also wondering when I will touch my homeworks. Too lazy and and I just wanna relax relax relax. Huhu. XD

Najihah Najmy said...

Haha thamks for understanding. Looks like we'v got a lot in common :)