Day 5: Addmaths for a day at IAB


Assalamualaikum and harlu
I had the whole day at IAB three days ago.  And what did I do there,  I had an addmaths workshop again for the 2nd time this week. Any ways Im gonna tell you from the start.  I arrived there pretty early at around 8 ish I think haha I can't remember and the first thing on my mind was "omaigod Im soo late,  there isn't any cars in the driveway. Everybody is probably getting on with the lesson already". But then,  after I got settled with registration, I found out that I wasn't late and most of the students hadn't arrived yet.  Haha then we had time to chat before the class really started.  We were waiting for the SMC students.

Mr. Zainol or what we like to call him Cg non taught us the topics from form four for the first session.  I dunno how he does it but I can only understand addmaths because of him hahahaha.  Like the teacher from school is ok but its totally a whole different level with Cg Non. He has a way of making things seems a much more easier way. That's why I love him so much.  We answered some questions too.  We all had this module we were given and he just took it from there.

Then,  we had brunch. I sat with the ferrari geng (Afiqah, Ain,  Shahira, Arrisa)  and my other friends which were Fizah,  Nasuha and Izzatun aka eton la.  After that we did the same thing foe the second session. Biy how time flies,  it was already noon and we had another break for zohor prayers and well mainly lunch.  We had this amazing chicken rice. It came with this delicious black pepper sauce which didn't last long cuz everybody loves it.  Then,  I had the chance to take some pics with arrisa and fizah before the third session started.

Then for the third lesson we started doing questions from paper 2. You know the usual,  linear law and whatnot.  Haha I just hate finishing the equations. I mean I enjoy doing the graf part but when it comes to answering equations especially if it in in logarithm then I hate it.  Hahaha just don't ask me to answer that. Please.

Then after that,  we had another break which was teatime and for asar prayers. We just took selfies this time. Hahaha its kinda funny cuz I wanted to take a group selfie ir a wefie as my dad calls it -,- but everyone was to shy to even look at the camera. It was probably bcuz all the boys was staring but who cares. Well at least I didn't. Then we also did the same for the last session. I was dying to go home haha. My brain was officially saturated as eton would say.

When it was home time my dad picked me up late as usual.  I sent eton home too. Haha at last I knew where she lives.  Ok I know this sounds lame cuz we've been friends for along time but haha I never been to that side of jitra yet.

Well,  that was kinda it. Even tho I was dead tired but u know it was helpful for my spm so i should just shut up and not complain.  Hahaha ok bye.

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