Day 4: English and Spring cleaning

Assalamualaikum and hi there
So today I had an english workshop, we were given a brief explanation about how the marks were given to the students in exams. I wasn't to keen ont that because it made me think of SPM which I am soo not ready yet. Afterwards we had to complete some sentences from the three words had to choose from the worksheets we got. Then the teacher called Melissa, my bff or as I would call her Mel to read out the sentences she made. She did a brilliant job. She made the sentences like a lil story and it was all about vampire and werewolves. Pssst...Someone's been reading a lot of twilight hiks >.< Then, the teachers announced that they wanted to call out another person to the front. I was praying so hard that I wasn't picked out cuz I haven't even finished making my sentences haha. All of the sudden, "Nurul Najihah" I was having a mini heart attack already, "..Bt Khairul Najmy, please come to the front" Omaigod, whyy whyy meee! I left the last sentence unfinished and brace myself to the front. All eyes on me, my heart beating so fast as I walked slowly to the front of the hall.

At first, my heart couldn't stop beating, then I convinced myselt to stay put. I was a nervous wreck. I mean I'm used to acting because they were so many of us. But this is different, I was on my on. FInally, I spoke haha but it was kinda awkward. There was a lot of aaa and emm. After I read my sentences, Teacher Zurina corrected my mistakes and Teacher Rozita handed me RM1 as the prize. Haha I gave a smile and said thanks, then I went back to my seat. We were given out another task afterwards. This time, Shahira, Najwa, Aiman and Ammar were called out. We had to make some changes on this essay from the worksheet, so they had to tell everyone what changes they made. Ammar's was the funniest of course cuz he just winged it out. Eventhough most of it is nonsense but at least everyone had a good laugh.

When the workshop finished we went for bruch. I was starving like usual haha. At around 11 we went back to school to get some spring cleaning for our class, because 4EM didn't have any other additional class after that. Almost everyone came to help out. Thanks guys! Honestly we all did a great job. I put up some decorations, while some swept the floor, dusted the windows and cleaned everything else. Intan and Faris decorated the boards. Alip and Shamirul put up the curtains. Azzrin helped me cleaned the windows afterwards. While Dayini, Aida and Danie went to buy some stuff for the class. The spring cleaning lasted for about 4 hours! Phew, it was very tiring but it left out amazing results! I was so happy, I couldn't stop helping. Our class looked so good XD

Later, I went to stay at Anis's cuz my parents couldn't pick me up yet. We had some girl time and we also finished doing the script for our oral next week. I'm quite nervous for that too! Haha I hope that that Teacher Rozita and the class likes our oral. We are doing the oral as a group. There's me, Anis, Izzatun (eton) and Intan. Just like last year, we also did the oral as a group. Haha its kinada funny, cuz it turned out to be like a musical. But this year, were doing it differently.

Well, I have to complete my homework now. See ya later :)
Till then,

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