Day 2: Biology and physics classes

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Assalamualaikum and hi guys :)
Today I had one session of biology class and one session of physics class. It was fun actually haha except for the homework we got afterwards -,- So that's another homework added to my mountain size list of homework for this semester break. Anywho, for biology we just learned the new chapter which was all about bones! I've been waiting for this topic since I was around eight because I got obsessed with one of the songs from Hannah Montana! Can't wait to use that song to answer the questions later. Then,we had a look of the bones from the fake ones the teacher gave us. I didn't take any pictures cuz we weren't aloud to do that. We had to memorize and recognize a LOT of bones haha. No wonder miley created that song. But thanks to her I'll be able to memorize some easily. You see, that's why most of the students find it really hard to get an A/A+ for biology because there is so much to read and memorize. Haha so most of the students end up getting C/B instead.

Then, for physics we did this group work to create mind maps for the new chapter we learned too! Honestly, today has been the best physics lesson in the history of physics lessons for me. Usually physics class is the most boring class of all. Haha I'd rather read a whole chapter of history than going to class. Its that bad. I was teamed up with Anis Suraya, Meon and Faris. At first, we had some difficulties in deciding what our main structure of our mind map but in the end we managed to do a very good job. Well done to us! Haha. All the other groups did a good job too. Haha I can't stop laughing at Anis because she had this weird attitude today and she kept on screaming and whining at whoever distracted her haha. I have to say she was the loudest one there hahaha. After we all had finished we had to stick our mind maps at the back of the lab. The wall turned out really great. Then we went home.

But, I didn't.

Haha it wasn't because my parents didn't pick me up or anything but beacause we were supposed to go out today. My parents was really late and I end up sleeping at the front gate. Pretty exhausting day I must say. I decided to go to the mini stadium after waiting for another half hour cuz I wasn't comfortable to keep on sleeping there and because the mini stadium had wifi. At least I did have something to distract me or else I would be bored to death. Obviously, I was the only one there cuz all of my friends had gone home wayy earlier huhu. Sad life huh? Finally after 1 and a half hour my parents came. Thank God!!! I literally ran to the car haha. Then we went shopping and I arrived home at about 6 ish like that. Eventho, it was a tiring day but I did enjoy myself. At least, it did make me feel like I was actually on holiday despite going to school everyday =="

Well till then, byee


Ardini said...

your classes sound really fun and cool

Asyikin Yahaya said...

What song if Hannah weh? Nak apply gaj huhu

edayu nurdin said...

Goodluck for your exam this year. Physics and biology killing me. Haha.

Najihah Najmy said...

@Ardini Haha yeah it kinda is :)

Najihah Najmy said...

@edayu nurdin thank youuuu. All the best to you too :)

Najihah Najmy said...

@Ashikin Yahya Jap hg search kat youtube bone song hannah montana