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Assalamualaikum and harluuu evelibadi :)

School's out, lets scream and shout! What a way to sum up this semester of school and exams and homework and stress with a break right? No.

Yes, I said no.

Thing is I won't really be able to have a time to relax as much as I imagined. You know staying in a hotel by the beach, watching the sunset everyday, chilling by the pool and eating good food. And this is all because of SPM!!! I really can't wait to just achieve amazing results because I am way too tired. Why, because I have to go to school for additional classes. Great!

Anyway, enough with the blabbing lets talk about the main topic. Lately, I have been obssesed about a few things haha. Its not blogging obviously -..- Haha, I just don't have time to sit around and talk about my life as much as I used to. Its pretty sad, but you guys would have prolly been bored reading them anyway *insert girl with her hands up like whut emoji* Avoid that if you don't know what I meant haha.

Guess what, one of my obsession is emoji. Shocker right, not.  I have to admit I'm quite slow with the latest trend cuz I don't have twitter and what not. I actually started using them last year. Hahahahaha such a noobis. Everybody else was wayy ahead of me. I guess Im just "old-fashion" like that hoho.

I'm also obsessed with youtube. Can you believe it I used to hate youtube and now its an obligation for me to watch at least once a day. Yes, I know what you're thinking. What kinda sick person watches youtube that much. Me haha. I'm sick. I'll be even worse if I don't. Its not just an obssesion anymore actually but rather than an addiction. I 've been watching beauty gurus online and the are tooo awesome. I just love love love watching hauls and make tutorials.Yass those are my fav. Ouh haha, and I just discovered an amazing comedian Miranda Sings. If you haven't heard her before than you better go on and search her right now!!! I dare you.

She is hilarious and annoying at the same time but I love her. I really don't know how to explain what her videos are like. You just have to go and watch them yourself haha. Meanwhile, I can't tell you how embarassing this is but haha Im getting obssesed with make ups. Hahahahahaha I know and I'm just 17. Well, its really weird or anything but I just feel kinda insecure about these kinda things. I mean I'm not really an expert and Im so not rich to buy all those cosmetics.So right now Im just focusing on the basic.

Seriously, I felt so shocked to see most girls from Amerika and Britain being such a pro at my age. I mean haha I still feel like Im a kid who will cry if her parents leave her in a mall. Haha its true tho, I always get left behind >.< And the way they do their hair. And decorating their room in a tumblr way. And and of course their adorable outfits. Im soo jealous.

Last but not least, I am obssesed with vine.Espicially the ones that have to do with sing, dancing and those hilarious clips of people being stupid. Ever heard of acidgaf, yeah she's cool just like her name haha. I mean I not such a fond of her attitude but her vines are just to entertaining. And there's also Naddysushi, Artickid, Raja Shahiran yeah there are all Malaysian viners including acidgaf. I know a few famous viners from the usa too, such as Cameron Dallas (the hunk), Nash Grier and Toby Randall. God I love his voiceee.

Well, that's it for today's post. I'll write soon about my upcoming activities for this holiday.
Till then, byeeee.

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