A day with le' girls

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hi guys!
Like seriously I have a lot to tell you about yesterday. Okay, I know this must sound lame and all but we had our first field trip together as a gang. Hahaha, even though we only went to Penang, it was still a whole lotta fun. Wait, a whale of time, yeah that sounds better. Well, at first we all gathered around and waited for the bus to arrive. We were supposed to go off at 8 am, but unfortunately the bus had gotten into some trouble and broken down. So we had to wait for 2 hours just to get on the bus. And we had a lot of plans that were cancelled due to the lateness. But, alhamdulilah we had a little breakfast before we went off, so I wasn't all that tired hehe =)
Our first destination was...drum roll please
The War Museum! *yawn*
Okay, I know it seems boring, even I thought it was boring hahaha #Evil
But when we  first got there, everything turned from 'yawn-town' to 'awesome-terror'. Hope you could keep up with my own words here. The museum was located on top off a hill. Faraway, from the local town. If you could only see the view. Anyways, a man Mr...I don't really know his name. Lets just call him Mr. Unnamed. Yeah, he briefed us a little about the museum before we explored the whole place. It was actually a very interesting place. You would believe me if you saw the documentary on a show called, "I wouldn't go there" ((something like that)) in the Discovery channel. The War Museum was also the top 30th horror places on Earth. You could imagine how it was during the invasion of the British and Japanese army.  What a nightmare!
  We went through dark tunnels, even crawled in them! Climbed up and down a few stairs and went window shopping. Wait that doesn't make sense, just joking. The were no shops around...err well except the gift shop ahahaha =.= So I was practically tired when we finished sight-seeing as we say. Ooo, the worst thing, but kinda strategic was that they charged us a can of beverages for RM2, and I guess that's why we couldn't bring in any of our belonging including water. That's just wrong! At about 2.00 pm  we headed out to our next destination...Queensbay Mall, here we come! 
We it took less than an hour, and we arrived at 2.40 pm. I felt soo excited until I heared the teacher say
"Kita hanya ada 2 jam sebab kena balik pukul 4.30pm"
And I was like what, that's already ten minutes less according to the time. So we as in me, Syifaa', Ilya and Alia hurried down to the food court, cuz we were all starved. Me and Ilya ate rice from the food court while Alia and Syifaa' had some burgers from McD. Yummy yummy in my tummy. And I had that black pepper seafood just saying~ Afterwards, we headed for the toilet then the surau to get fresh and change our clothes and pray. We wore our clothes and we looked fabulous.  I wore this aqua blue dress I bought the day before. I was supposed to wear it with the scarf I bought along but lets just say it wasn't with me all the way hehehe. Ilya wore a purple-pinkish baju kurung,  Alia wore a blouse with a skirt and Syifaa' had this green shirt with matching yellow scarf. Go kedah yellow-green. Get it?
Then, we went to the Borders bookshop. 
I had my eyes on the English book section! It was the mean reason I was here anyway haha. But it was mostly me, and Syifaa' who were intrested. Alia and Ilya weren't as much. I was amazed by the books that were sold. You couldn't get this much in the nearest bookshop. I really couldn't decide cuz there were soo many choices. But, lastly I found a book that were in my budget and was according to my taste to read. Hold on, we can't eat books. When I mean taste, I meant what I like in books. And this book was just perfect that I decided to buy all of the series available #1, #6 & #8. Too bad all of them were not in correct order. I hope I'll be able to buy the other volume next time. Insyaallah =)
We realized that it was only a few minutes before curfew. Ohh, I always wanted to say that =p
So we just went to buy some food before we headed back to the bus. We even had time to get lost. Hey, you think Queensbay is that small. Well, you try shopping there. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. But, alhamdulilah we found our way at last. I was just relieved that we weren't the last to arrive. Phew!
Then we went back to school and arrived around 7-ish like that. I guess, eventhough it was a one day trip, I definitely had fun with the girls and I hope we'll be able to do it again. 
Pretty tired now, seeya next time. Bye =D
Ps. I hope you're happy Shahira, this post is probably one of the longest one this year Y.Y


Anonymous said...

cool laa korang ! hihi

Najihah Najmy said...

Aww, thanks for commenting. I think I love you more right now hehe :)

Mia Liana said...

wahhh.. happy hour time.. bestnya makan mcd..

Kuchiki EnnaMoon said...

salam, i went there, *war museum* 3 years ago. yah, believe me, i also can feel your excitement. i also like the tunnel part. it was awesome momento :)

Najihah Najmy said...

@Kak Mia: Yeah memang best sgt x3!!
@Kuchiki EnnaMoon: Really? Wow ada geng hehe:) *high five*