Pandu puteri?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyya!
Okay, what's with the attitude dude? Nothing I'm just a little excited.
Is that soo wrong huh! Nuff of dat.
What's wrong with me, arguing with myself. #oneword "P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C". Hahaha, who cares. Well that's what happens when you're alone in your own little world. Wait what are we talking about again. Oh yeah~ Pandu puteri. Okay I think everybody knows that I've been a girl guide since form 1, right? Well if you don't know or care...JUST SHUT UP AND READ! Hahaha..pretty #evil. Anywho, I'm not that active. I've participated in a few events but it wasn't much. Let's recap:
1. I've entered the marching competition
2. I've entered choir
Well can you believe it. These are the only events that I've participated. I repeat the ONLY events.
But alhamdulilah, I got the chance to participate a community service event at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sg. Petani #SP. It was reaally cool. We even got the chance to see the agong's daughter and her daughter hahaha no kidding. Tungku Sofiyah and Tungku err... I forgot her name but she is reaally beautiful.
Hey, do wanna see some pics. Okay open your eyes wide heeee~
ME! "Hi mommy"
Oh, I also came with Farah and Liyana. Too cute, right?

These are the peeps
 Girl guide is worldwide kay!
So that's it. I'm kinda lazy too upload more photos cuz the internet is as slow as a snail. #Idioms #pulun :P
And I ain't got that long. Well act, we just had a quiz, went around in circles for a while, had lunch, and went home. Then afterwards, I went shopping with my mum. Aww...tommorow's school so I should probably hit the sack now. We have assembly tommorow, right? So what are you guys wearing? PJ's or uniform..
Ehh, I'll just wear uniform. Lates =)


Ardini said...

"Girl guide is worldwide.." *gasps* it rhymes! :D

btw, thanks for commenting on my previous post! I will be sure to keep the accessories forever.

Najihah Najmy said...

No problem. Haha, im always reading your blog. So glad we are blogger buddies now :)

Ardini said...

Yay for being blogger buddies \^w^/