The new baby in town!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and yola~
So today I wanna tell you guys the latest news. I got a new baby....cousin.
What? You'd think I had a baby. No way laa. Haha. Comma lets, take a look at him
 Isn't he the cutest, littlest, cuddliest guy you've ever seen?
Yeaahh, he's a sweetheart. FYI, he is the first grandson of my grandparents. Get it?
Ohh, we are so thankful. Alhamdulilah, at last a boy. I mean cuz all the of others are girls, so this is definitely a first. The name of this adoroble child is Mohammad Naufal Bin Shahrul Nizam.
His name clarifies well our prophet cuz its Mohammad and as for Naufal, it means generous leader. Its also an old arabic name for sea. But, you know what? I'm pretty psyched cuz ahaha..I gave him that name. Wow, now that's awesome! The story went like this...*flashback*
My uncle, Mr. Shah was I donno lack of ideas ((or maybe just lazy)) #Evil, wanted us to find a name for the baby. Of course the baby wasn't born yet, or else everything would just be too #kalut. So my dad ((well practically everyone)) was searching for the best name. Now, it wasn't easy okay! Cuz at first they wanted a name that started with a few letters of their choice. I can't really remember what they were cuz it was a lot. Like seriously, my dad would search for the best names and then send them to my uncle through via text. Wait, that's Andres' line wkwkwk~ And then when it came to 'N' I chose Naufal. Cuz 
1. My other relative has the same name and he is sooo beautiful
2. It had a better meaning compared to the other names starting with 'N'
So I was pretty shocked and honored when they chose my name for the baby. Wow! I rock haha #pulun again. We also had this feast or more properly known as kendury aqiqah, for Naufal. Yeahh, since we had more than enough meat from raya a few weeks ago. So better, not waste it right? 
Well, that's it. I hope I get to see that little buddy soon. Cuz I just wanna hug him right now..
Ohh, I miss you so much little guy :* 
Hugs and kisses from me to you, bye =D

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