Assalamualaikum w.b.t and goodnight~
Okay, well don't you hit the sack now cuz of what I said hahaha. Typical me. Updating this blog, in the middle of the night. Aha, sometimes I just love to do crazy things, don't I. Haha, but that's me so you better get use to it if wanna be my friend. If not, you free to do as want. #annoying much?
Lets continue reading shall we?
Actually, I wanted to update my trip to Pangkor Island but I'm too lazy and I'm already kinda sleepy so I decided to do a quick post. Cuz, what's the use of a blog, if you're not gonna express yourself innit.
Why "Drama-fever" you ask? Well like I mentioned before, we were assigned to do a short play and perform it on this Wednesday. Okay, I may must have missed some details but don't worry, Imma gonna give you the deeds. Since, all of the form 3 students are like free now, the teachers had planned some activities for us to do until the end of the year. And, that included this drama/play thingy. Ten students, from each class will be chosen to participate in the play. Make that obligated to participate. For our class, 3 IT babeh the cast and crew are:
1. Me
2. Shahira
3. Jayshan       {the actors/actress}

4. Masturina
5. Aiman  Syai
6. Alia
7. Syasya
8. Afiqah       {the crew}
9. Hayati
10. Morgan  Fizah
Anyway, I called Jay today and he totally freaked out cuz he just knew we were gonna perform so soon.
We didn't even start practicing yet. But fortunately, he finished making the script. THANK YOU!
So he said we are going to practice tomorrow after school. Yayy I can't wait. I'm too excited cuz its been so long since I've acted.  This is gonna be so much fun. I hope haha. Thanks again, for giving the lists of names and equipment to teach. Argh.. I was soo worried about that cuz our team is kinda left behind right now. But its okay, we can do this and we will be the champions! #somemotivation...Just wait until you hear us rooaarr!
Okay, now I'm going out of topic. I just love Katy Perry's song Roar #Fav :D
Till then,
Bye :*

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