Happy Eid Adha

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello
Okay, today was just a happy, yet disappointing day. The great part of my day is we had this awesome cleaning, rubbish picking treasure hunt with my classmate. Well, almost. Hahaha, I also played a little basketball game with the girls. Ohh, I felt soo free. With wind blowing on my face. And we were laughing. Plus it was reeaally funny playing with Shasha (Arissa) and Huwaida aka JB's No.1 fan! Today, I had also, finally talked with the guys about this drama we are going to present later. I got the part of Lucy. A shy kinda of girl. Huh? Wonder how I'm gonna pull of this one. Hahaha well, lets wait and see. Anyways, Jayshan is also playing a part, so is Shahira. Yay! The whole drama gang is participating. But, you know I'm pretty pissed off at someone. Ahh, lets just forget about that person. I don't want him ruining this happy moment. Ohh, I forgot to tell you guys. We're gonna be acting an awesome play. Its called, Quertyiop or something. Don't question my spelling, please. Hahaha
Shasha, doing her little pose. CUTE!
Well, I gotta go. I'm gonna go back to the village for raya. Hope Jayshan finishes the script, so we could actually start to practice. See ya!
Happy Eid Adha


Hafizah said...

Gambar aku takde ?

Najihah Najmy said...

Hahaha. Aku tak sempat nak upload. Nanti laahh hehe :)