2nd Place

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and heyyo!
Guess what? "what"
We got second place for drama. "Yay! Err..congrats"

Hahaha. I am sooo #poyo
But I don't care cuz I'm reaally thrilled.
Huh? We only got second place and I'm already happy as a lark #simile
Well, the thing is... I thought we were worst than that.

Even jayshan said:
"Memang geranti dpt tempat last dah nie"

Yup. It was that bad. Our act was just not properly ordered. I mean with the props here and there, the sound system and the wrong cue not to mention the lines we forgot and just covered up. But no one was too blame. Cuz I know we did our best. Except for me. I thought I could do better. Hahaha, I didn't even finished memorizing the script. I mean, if we could practice for a longer period, I'm sure everything will work out fine. But, we only got like 2 days. Repeat 2 DAYS! So I thought again, we did great for two days. And it wasn't even through the whole day. I don't wanna complain, but the teachers should have given more time for us if they expect us to do a good show.

The worst part of drama, I think was me singing. What! Jeeha singing, does she sound good? Of course not. Now way, I'm ever gonna sing. Actually, I had this scene where I'd suppose to be it depressed and frustrated and I had to sing a sad song.Well, I had to say no, so at last I just had to lip-sync. Which was sooo embarrassing. Everyone practically laughed out loud, seeing me look like a fool.  But, they kept saying it was cool and all and giving me support which I still don't understand why. It was soo bad. Like I was this crazy dude who had no talent that was paid to entertain people for cheap. Hahaha but at least, the crowd did enjoy it. Which made me a bit relieved *sighs =)

Ooo, but the best part was where the ghost scene took part. Guess who's the ghost?
You, got it? Well if you guessed hayati then you are correct! Have yourself a pat on your back *cheers
Anyway, Yati/Yatt/Hatyai- yeah she gotta lotta nicknames haha, dressed up in black with this bloody make- up on her face. She reeaally scared me. Even Jay was scared ahahaha. The crowd cheered when she walked into the stage. Yay! I mean, even though it didn't work out just liked we planned but it was actually okay. But I'm soo proud cuz she did bear with me when I changed the script my way...a little. So thank you yati, you did good. Too bad I don't have a picture of you =D

All the cast and crew received a certificate. They also gave us this big prize, but, I don't know what it is cuz jay has got it. I'll just ask him tomorrow. Then, when I went home I read Syasya's blog. Like seriously, at first I was kinda disappointed with the sound system, but then I found out that you had to control the speaker, mic, and netbook at one time! Man, that's a lotta work for one girl. Plus, you're not even use to all this technical stuff and not to forget we only practiced a few times. So don't worry, you don't have to be sorry. Its totally not your fault at all. We are a team. And there's no 'I' in team kay. Hahaha, I hope you know this. For a first timer, I think you did great! Gosh, after reading her blog, I just felt like I wanna cry. I mean, I understand the pressure. Just remember "Together through the good days and the bad", right?

Well I guess that's it. Please enjoy this photo of me and Fizah. Lol #pulun
 Aren't we just cute =P

One more thing, I just wanna say to all my readers. Do visit these awesome blogs of my friends if you wanna know more about drama or just wanna blogwalk. Cuz I'm pretty sure they're probably updating about this too. Hahaha, kbye!
8.Ain Izzati

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